The following is a growing database of videos, audio, and charts that demonstrate that limiting the Federal Reserve is an economic imperative. We’re always seeking new information to share with the public; please contact us if you come across something you believe should be shared.


Federal Reserve a “Cancer” – Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institute

In the following interview, economist and Hoover fellow Thomas Sowell made three salient points: 1) The federal government allowed the establishment of the Fed at the behest of elite bankers such as J.P. Morgan. 2) The worst economic crises this nation has faced have been on the Fed’s watch. 3) The Fed doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced with any other institution.

Note: The interviewer claimed that, prior to the Great Recession, the country experienced a 25-year period of prosperity, much of it under Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. This is not true: Since the late 1990s, the United States economy has been experiencing a bubble/burst economic paradigm that Greenspan’s Fed helped facilitate.

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Bernanke is one of the most destructive men that held high office – David Stockman, Fox Business

Speaking with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, David Stockman, former White House budget director under Ronald Reagan, explained why the Fed is responsible for the recent years of economic instability and growing income inequality.


New Wave of Criticism Building Against the Fed – Jim Grant, Fox Business

In an interview with Fox Business, Jim Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, made three salient points regarding the Fed: 1) It’s “constitutionally behind the curve”. 2) It promotes asset price inflation, which benefits Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. 3) Much of the “recovery” we’ve experienced has been a function of asset price inflation engineered by the Fed.


Fed Hasn’t Learned Its Lesson – Stephen Roach, CNBC

Stephen Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia and the firm’s chief economist, told CNBC that the Fed continues to promote asset bubbles even though the past two bubbles, the Tech Bubble and Housing Bubble, crashed the economy.


Fed Is Deadly Instrument of Speculation – David Stockman, Bloomberg

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, David Stockman called the Fed a “serial bubble machine” that, since the tech bubble, has transferred trillions of dollars from American households to Wall Street speculators.


Fed Bought Big Banks’ Garbage for $14 Trillion – Dylan Ratigan, MSNBC

In this video recorded in the wake of the financial crisis, Morning Meeting host Dylan Ratigan explained that the Fed bought the Big Banks’ toxic loans for $14 trillion of the American people’s money, which will have to be paid back in the form of inflation and/or taxes. Furthermore, noted Ratigan, the Fed refused to reveal exactly what they paid for.

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High Unemployment Caused by Federal Reserve – Ron Paul, Fox Business

Speaking with Fox Business, Congressman Paul described how the Fed creates high levels of unemployment and underemployment by facilitating the inflation of asset bubbles that burst and crash the economy. Also of note, Dr. Paul admits that, although ending the Federal Reserve System would be the ideal solution to the bubble/burst economic paradigm and subsequent periods of high unemployment and underemployment, increased oversight and accountability are measures that can be realistically implemented in the short-term.


Quantitative Easing Explained – Omid Malekan, Visual Stories

No database of anti-Fed videos would be complete without Omid Malekan’s 2010 viral video, which explained in layman’s terms the folly and cronyism of the Fed’s recent multi-trillion dollar expansion of the money supply.



Solidus.Center and Former President of Foundation for Economic Education on the Fed’s Follies – Richard Ebeling, Seth Mason, Kinetic HiFi radio

Solidus.Center’s Seth Mason discussed with the charismatic Richard Ebeling, Citadel economics professor, former president of the Foundation for Economic Education, and prolific libertarian author, the past, present, and future follies of the Federal Reserve System.


Solidus.Center Discusses the Fed with Senior Mises Fellows – Mark Thornton, Walter Block, Seth Mason, Kinetic HiFi radio

On a special broadcast on Kinetic HiFi radio, Solidus.Center Founder Seth Mason discussed with Solidus.Center board members and Senior Mises Institute Fellows Mark Thornton and Walter Block the history of the Fed, how the Fed harms the average American, and how the monetary system would function if the Fed were abolished.


Solidus.Center Founder Discusses Limiting the Fed – Seth Mason, Marc Clair, Lions of Liberty Podcast

In an interview with Lions of Liberty Podcast, Seth Mason, founder of Solidus.Center, described why the Fed has become an impediment to prosperity for the average American, what Solidus.Center is doing to promote the limitation of the Fed’s influence on the economy, and why he’s personally invested in the cause.


Solidus.Center Discusses the Gold Standard with Keith Weiner – Dr. Keith Weiner, Seth Mason, Kinetic HiFi radio

On Kinetic HiFi radio, Seth Mason, Founder and Executive Director of Solidus.Center, discussed with Dr. Keith Weiner, economist, founder of the Gold Standard Institute, and CEO of Monetary Metals, the benefits of the Gold standard and the problems that abandoning it has created.