Thankful to Earn a Living Despite the Federal Reserve

Thankful to Earn a Living Despite the Federal Reserve

Although my new landscape design and installation business, Lowcountry Vistas Charleston, LLC, has prevented me from disseminating Solidus.Center’s message as of late, I’m profoundly appreciative on this Thanksgiving for the opportunity to do something I love in a perpetually-bad Fed-inspired job market. A market in which, in classic Orwellian Fedspeak, “full employment” means millions of educated and indebted Americans working far below their potential.

I have little time for Solidus.Center these days, but I’d like to leave everyone with a parting thought:

The Fed is an efficient oligarchical tool. It juices the prices of assets held in great quantities by the wealthy, deflates wages as the common man fights for employment when the Fed’s asset bubbles pop, compels the common man to borrow and spend or invest in risky financial instruments instead of save, and enables the Government to run huge deficits.

Thank you for reading, listening, and watching. Hopefully, reforming–and eventually ending–the Federal Reserve System will eventually become part of the American political discourse.

Seth Mason, Charleston SC

P.S. As I did with ECOMINOES, I’ll eventually close the social media accounts associated with Solidus.Center.

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Seth Mason is the Founder and Executive Director of Solidus.Center. Additionally, he's the owner of Lowcountry Vistas (, a landscape design and installation business that serves the greater Charleston, SC area and Charleston Spanish Tutor (, a Charleston-based tutoring service.
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