Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve a “Cancer”

Thomas Sowell: Federal Reserve a “Cancer”

The following interview with economist and Hoover Institution fellow Thomas Sowell is one of the more impactful anti-Federal Reserve videos on the web.

Sowell made three salient points in the interview: 1) The federal government allowed the establishment of the Fed at the behest of elite bankers such as J.P. Morgan. 2) The worst economic crises this nation has faced have been on the Fed’s watch. 3) The Fed doesn’t necessarily have to be replaced with any other institution.

The interview also demonstrated the unfortunate ignorance of the Fed’s influence on the economy pervasive in the pro-liberty non-profit sector. The interviewer, the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson, claimed that, prior to the Great Recession, the country experienced a 25-year period of prosperity, much of it under Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. This is not true: Since the late 1990s, the United States economy has been experiencing a bubble/burst economic paradigm that Greenspan’s Fed helped facilitate. A preponderance of evidence supporting this can be found on Solidus.Center’s Multimedia and Articles pages.

We look forward to sharing more impactful videos with you.

Seth Mason, Charleston SC

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